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Doug Green Woodworking creates, designs and produces the highest quality custom woodwork and millwork pieces for their clients.  If you are looking for crown molding, custom profile moldings, doors, shutters, kitchen cabinets, custom windows, radius windows, transoms, pergolas, mantels, stairways, cupolas, decorative gingerbread details and corbels or custom furniture, please contact us.

Doug Green Woodworking has the facilities, machinery and experience to create or re-create quality pieces while we adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our custom millwork, mouldings and woodwork are produced in our 5,000 sq.ft shop in Wilmington, Delaware. We can easily take your ideas and designs and assist you with every part of your renovation or restoration project. As craftsmen with an artistic eye, each custom milled piece is painstakingly crafted to replicate the unusual and timeless details necessary to match and complete each project.  From period-correct millwork to contemporary designs, let Doug Green Woodworking be your custom woodworking source for Renovations and restoration projects.

We have experience creating custom millwork and architectural renovation pieces.  Our craftsmen have created custom mill work for many well known historical structures and buildings such as The Constitution Center and Independence Hall in Philadelphia and Primitive Hall in West Grove.  We are familiar with what is historically correct and we can help you with your renovation projects.  We have recently finished a total historical renovation on a historical mansion in the area.  Photos will be on our site soon!  Old homes and renovation mill work are our business.

We have crafted custom bars for many local establishments such as Klondike Kate's, Columbus Inn, Walters Steakhouse, Hartefeld House and other fine restaurants in the Wilmington area.  Our custom millwork is highlighted in numerous Victoria's Secret and Carlton Card's stores in the tri-state area. We are totally custom crafters and we provide one of a kind custom mill work for each client.  If you are looking for radius windows, we have made numerous high-end custom radius windows for the Flat Iron building in New York.  Our skilled craftsmen are ready to design and create your custom projects.


Doug Green Woodworking continues in the family tradition of woodworking, dating back to 1862. 

The craftsmen at Doug Green Woodworking offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of traditional woodworking methods. The old ways of woodworking are melded with the newest technologies and each piece is created  to your specifications to meet the details of each project.  From traditional millwork, architectural millwork and designs, to modern contemporary projects, each piece is custom made using superior traditional craftsmanship. 

The team at Doug Green Woodworking creates custom reproduction mill work, crown moulding, windows, doors, shutters and cabinets to match 18th and 19th century pieces as well as artisan styles for the most contemporary home projects.



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